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Thermal Paper Roll Slitter, POS Paper Roll Slitter  




Ideal for mass production of thermal paper rolls for POS, ATM, Lottery tickets, prescriptions, and other similar applications. The auto paper-end tucking system optimizes the production output. With an unbelievable output with our model C3-1100 56 mm*50 mm of 1,000 rolls/hour. 




Machine width  600/ 900/ 1100 mm 
Unwind loading Hydraulic unwind lift
Max. Unwind diameter 1000 mm
Unwind core shaft 3" air shaft
Slitting mode Shear cut
Standard slit width 56 / 79 mm (or 57 / 80 mm)
Rewinding mode Simplex surface winding
Max. Rewind diameter 250 mm
Rewind core shaft 12 ~ 25 mm
Winding speed 150 M/min
Unloading Manual
Tension control Optional
Web guider N/A
Control panel Conventional