What would you consider when you buy a slitter/rewinder?

 - Whether the machine specs fit or not

 - Machine quality and reliability

 - Maintenance costs and after-sale support


It takes time to prove a machine's quality and reliability, so we let our customers speak for us. We believe that the repeated orders from customers are the best testimony for our machine quality and performance. The most rewarding aspect of my career is to see Takano slitter/rewinder machines contribute to the success of our customers' business.


How can you tell whether your investment will pay off nicely? You will find out when you own a Takano slitter/rewinder machine. My confidence simply comes from customer feedback.


" Although we are not a big company, yet we serve big customers! "

CUSTOMER'S REVIEW from Vice Plant Manager, Mr. Rudi Rianto, PT. PURA BARUTAMA (INDONESIA)

Most I like are high performance and high output, after the sale service and support, consistent reliability, and easy and minimum maintenance. Actually I like all, and also easy to be operated.